Krystal & Aaron Brown, Mount Gravatt

We would just like to pass on our feedback on Jordan and Summer’s past year.

We think it has been a great year and it is has been so lovely having two children who are so happy to get up and go to kindy and tell us what a great day they have had every day we pick them up. 

Jordan has grown up so much in the past year and has been bringing home a lot of the skills I know he has been learning at kindy, like tidying up and putting things away, not only without a complaint but also without us even asking.  While he still struggles with his letters, we have seen a lot of improvement in his recognition and it is great to know he has teachers who are supportive but not pressuring him.  One of the best parts of this year has been his development of his drawing, as he has never liked to draw before and only 2 weeks ago he brought home a picture that he drew of us, his family.

This year was also a big year for Summer, as it was her first time in daycare and seeing her confidence, independence, language and letter recognition grow has been pretty amazing. We love hearing her versions of the different songs they learn (like ‘whats the weather like today?’ which we have heard over a 100 plus times haha) and love hearing her practising until she gets all the words right.  

Both our children have also made lots wonderful friends this year and have become very gentle, patient and caring towards other children. 

We think it has been a great year and thank you all for providing such a safe, supportive and wonderful environment for everyone! 🙂  

Lots of thanks.