Kerry Lawson, Mount Gravatt

Érin-Ashley (4) continues to enjoy her attendance at kindy.  She is particularly keen on Thursday and Friday to see familiar friends who attend the same days.

Her weekly opportunity to present ‘show and tell’ is a favourite activity and she practises this at home – role-playing as the teacher as well as particular classmates (and recruiting me, her grandparents, or her brothers to join her).

She enjoys playing in the sandpit and pretending to be ‘captain girl’ on the pirate ship.  She also enjoys playing with dolls and play-doh. 

At home, she drops her doll off at kindy and picks her up again as part of her role-play (sometimes I’m the teacher and sometimes I’m the mummy leaving the doll with her). 

We find the spider chart helpful and the notices about what has been happening at kindy.  Érin-Ashley particularly likes it when someone has a birthday (cupcakes may have something to do with that…) 

It is also good to get some photos (B&W is better than no photo at all) and be able to access updates on the LIFT website.